School Service/Timetables

Kanes Buses provides 12 school service operations. The timetable for each can be accessed below.

Henty Primary Service

S751 Bahrs Rd to Henty Schools Via Cookardinia Rd 2023 1

S752 Dick Knobels Road to Henty Schools Via Grubben Road 2023 1


Henty Primary/Culcairn-Feeder Service

S750 Yerong Creek McRories Rd to Henty Kendalls Rd 2023 1

S756 Henty to Culcairn Schools Via Walla Rd 2023 1


Henty/Culcairn Services

S753 Munyabla to Henty Schools Via Culcairn 2023 1

S754 The Rock to Culcairn Schools Via Yerong Creek and Henty 2023 1

S755 Henty to Culcairn Schools Via Henty Back Road 2023 1


Holbrook/Culcairn Services

S758 Westby Road to Culcairn Schools Via Holbrook 2023 1

S759 Holbrook to Culcairn Schools 2023 1

S760 Jingellic Rd to Culcairn Schools Via Holbrook 2023 1


Holbrook/Albury Services

S761 Holbrook to Albury Schools Via Old Hume Hwy 2023 1

S762 Holbrook to Thurgoona Schools Via Woomargama 2023 1


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